About Us


To be the most preferred computer vendor in Sri Lanka in providing state of art customer reachable quality electronic and computer products.



To meet the present day requirements of the market and the distribution of high quality precise and efficient products developed currently in Electronics and Computer technology for the benefit of those who cannot afford to go in for higher investment money wise. Our company was established in 2005 with a group of personnel comprising few engineers who were professionally qualified in Electronics and computer products. We have been able to develop and strengthen our company with untiring efforts of team work, better understanding among our personnel. We have kept a long stride at present to become one of the preferred vendor in Sri Lanka, in Electronics and Computer products. We are now capable of competing in the open market with other companies dealing with Electronics and Computer products. We are Authorized distributor for range of TP-LINK and Je way Computer products in Sri Lanka and act as Authorized re-seller for other wide range of products such as Dell, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung Optical Drives, LED Monitors, Intel Processors, Main Board, Hard Disk Drives, Kingston Memory and Microsoft etc. They supply us with the latest modern Audio-Video & Computer Products and Software/OS etc with all the literature to introduce same to the Sri Lankan market at competitive prices to meet the local customers’ purse. We therefore able to dominate the open market with the most efficient and trouble free electronic and computer products. We can guarantee that our customers are fully satisfied with our services and supply of our quality products in electronic and computers. We are very proud of our customers for appreciating our quick services and supply of efficient products. Our staffs are well trained to corporate with each other to solve customer errors as we keep smooth relationship environment in giving a prompt service to the customers. We believe our continuous success is their satisfaction. They are well organized in their day to day work and always have contact with each other in carrying out our duties. We have a better understanding among ourselves and our motive is to satisfy the customer and to keep up the respect of the company leaving no black marks from our customers. We provide an efficient service to all alike.